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Clasps - The Whole Story

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A lovely friend pointed out to me that it is really hard to do up some clasps on your own, and she has to wait for her daughter to be at home before she can wear the gorgeous amethyst bracelet she bought.  It made me think.  

Traditional clasps such as lobster or ring clasps are lovely and widely used, I use them in lots of my work, but after that chat I realise that it does usually require two people, this is the one we were discussing:

So I have been looking at alternatives.  So far we have:

An easy to use spring clasp in chunky sterling silver.

The strap and buckle option is super easy.

Easiest of all has to be the magnetic clasp which comes in all shapes and sizes.

Toggle clasps can be fun:


My personal favourite though has to be my handmade S-clasps.  I make them in sterling silver  just the perfect size for the piece I'm working on. These are a couple I've made recently:




So if you ever fall in love with a piece of my jewellery, please get in touch with me and I can create the perfect solution for you.