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Spring has Sprung!

Well finally after what seems like forever, there are buds in the hedgerows, lambs in the field and patches of blue in the sky, even occasional glimpses of sun.  I love Spring - so full of promise and excitement.  As soon as the clocks change, we gain that precious extra hour of daylight and our moods are somersaulted into a completely different zone.  The possibilities of long, lazy lunches, supper in the garden, rambles through dry mud.........OK let's get real, I live in Wales - there's always mud, but now it's dry mud.......all the wonderful things we've missed during the...

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Some of my Favourite Pieces

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Fantasy Dress

Waking up to yet another wet and windy day, my first instinct was to crawl straight back under the duvet with a large mug of coffee and good book (OK - and a pile of hot buttered toast, I admit).  I honestly thought that a sheep would be whisked up by the wind from the muddly field outside and hurled passed my window at any moment!    I was tragically denied my duvet day as my children had to be taken to school......they weren't any keener than me to face the day!  So I made the coffee, grabbed my laptop...

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