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Fantasy Dress

Waking up to yet another wet and windy day, my first instinct was to crawl straight back under the duvet with a large mug of coffee and good book (OK - and a pile of hot buttered toast, I admit).  I honestly thought that a sheep would be whisked up by the wind from the muddly field outside and hurled passed my window at any moment!    I was tragically denied my duvet day as my children had to be taken to school......they weren't any keener than me to face the day!  So I made the coffee, grabbed my laptop and crawled back into bed to lose myself for 20 minutes before I had to face reality in Pinterest,  searching for some Spring, Sun, Warmth........  Frankly I even contemplated putting the heating on full blast and booking a spray tan - desperate times indeed!

Glad I didn't tango myself a dodgy shade of tiger stripes, instead I found some gorgeous, yummy things - this beautiful flower dress being my favourite.  As the mother of all boys, I do feel the need for a pink moment occasionally.......

Of course in my morning fantasy, the new year's resolution diet had morphed me into a divine creature of mythical proportions and I looked simply divine in this foral frock leaping elegantly across the warm, sunny countryside like some woodland nymph (oh yes I did need to fantasise my way out of the wind and rain, can you tell?)  Now all I need to complete  my ensemble.....

Big Silver Hoop Earrings with feminine Rose Quartz and my signature Heart - hearts are just so good for the soul, I love them.


Then I felt the need for a bangle, or maybe 10 - why skimp??

Ooooh and a ring - let's go flower power!


And finally - shoes, a girl's best friend - well shoes and lipstick and jewels, jewels, jewels!!!

Too much?  No never, it's MY fantasy after all!

I felt SO much better after a lovely trawl through wonderful, warm, sunshiny images, I hope you do too.  And if the weather continues like this, I'm off to the sun!



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