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About Me

I’ve always loved jewellery, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to the sheer gorgeousness of it. My taste has hopefully improved since the days I was thrilled to wear plastic rings torn from the front of comics, but the sheer joy has never changed. 

The sound of bangles clinking on my wrist, the sight of a long necklace twinkling in my line of vision or a pair of great big gorgeous hoops never fail to put a smile on my face, they give me a confidence boost too. Fellow jewel loons will totally understand this feeling!

When the second of my three sons was leaving home to go to university, I felt the time was right for me to try to make a career out of this passion. I’ve always been creative, painting and selling furniture and smaller pieces for the home, so I took myself off and did several jewellery making courses. 

I knew I wanted to use flame and saws and hammers, so spent a long time perfecting my technique (can you ever be perfect?). I also decided to work in sterling silver as then the pieces would last forever and could be handed down from one generation to the next. It is very important to me to produce beautiful jewellery using the best raw materials I can find, so that they last a lifetime.

Once I was happy with my designs and confident in my ability to produce them, I needed a market place and worked with a web designer to create this online shop. I have loved every step of the process, from designing to creating, then photographing my jewellery and all the other myriad things involved with becoming a retailer.

My customers are really interesting people, I’ve loved interacting with everyone. I’m always happy to discuss ideas with people, whether they want a bespoke piece or just to tweak one of my designs to suit their individual taste. 

I am delighted than in my third year my little business is flourishing, lots of customers have returned and I’ve received some wonderful emails from happy fellow jewellery lovers. Thank you so much for your support!