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Grey Pearl Earring - Sterling Silver Simple Hook Drop Earring

Grey Pearl Earring - Sterling Silver Simple Hook Drop Earring


Simple large grey/black pearl sterling silver drop earring.

Pearls are connected to the energies of both the moon and water, the goddess, the feminine, the ebb and flow of life, they represent purity, honesty, loyalty and truth. They are also my birthstone - the birthstone of June, probably why I love them so much.

I adore the richness of grey pearls and decided to make a pair of earrings which I could wear everyday, but still feel impossibly glamorous in - hope you think I succeeded!

The final photo shows a gorgeous long sterling silver necklace which would look wonderful with the earrings -http://www.jojobjewels.co.uk/products/long-sterling-silver-ball-chain-with-circle-pendant-and-grey-freshwater-pearls

The earrings are made from sterling silver and grade AA pearls.

"The earrings arrived even more quickly than had been indicated and they are really stunning. Beautifully made and very elegant - I've had lots of compliments on them. Will definitely be buying more things from Jojo" Jane Watkins, Kent

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