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Red Jute Storage Display Basket with Large 3D Heart Handmade

Red Jute Storage Display Basket with Large 3D Heart Handmade


This gorgeous pot is made from natural British jute and crocheted here at home in Monmouthshire.  

To create a sturdy and chunky pot, I use two balls of jute simultaneously.  The base and bottom is natural jute and the top is a glorious deep dark red.

This pot is such a statement piece, that I wanted to finish it with something a bit spectacular - ta dah!  I wrapped a heart over and over with the red string to create this fabulous 3D heart.  It is detachable if you can bear to remove it and use it elsewhere.

I crocheted the pot and it measures approximately 14"/34cm across and stands 7.5"/19cm tall.

It's a lovely big deep basket perfect for a kitchen or coffee table, to be filled with useful or precious things, or things (like me) you are constantly losing like your glasses, tv controls and chargers.

The final photo shows a couple of other little lovelies.


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