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Sterling Silver Bangle (Hammered) with Lustrous Round Pearl

Sterling Silver Bangle (Hammered) with Lustrous Round Pearl


Simple handmade sterling silver hammered bangle with round pearl.

Pearls are connected to the energies of both the moon and water, the goddess, the feminine, the ebb and flow of life, they represent purity, honesty, loyalty and truth. They are also my birthstone - the birthstone of June, probably why I love them so much.

I formed the bangle using 2mm thick sterling silver and then hammered it to give an interesting texture which catches the light as it moves along your wrist; then I made a small circle to attach the pearl to the bangle. 

Each pearl will vary because it is a natural product, but every one will be beautiful.


"The unique simplicity of Jo’s design and the high quality of the materials used is what makes her jewellery so special and eye catching. Her pieces are literally a joy to wear as the pure silver used means that I haven’t suffered from any allergic reactions. Friends have just loved the pieces I have bought as gifts xx" Monica Gibson-Sweet, Usk

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