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Sterling Silver Pearl Bangle - Silver Beaded Wire with Pearl Charm

Sterling Silver Pearl Bangle - Silver Beaded Wire with Pearl Charm


This gorgeous pearl wire is my current obsession, and I have made several pieces using it. It is a very luxurious sterling silver wire, a little bit different. This bangle combines my love of pearls with my obsession!

Pearls are connected to the energies of both the moon and water, the goddess, the feminine, the ebb and flow of life, they represent purity, honesty, loyalty and truth. They are also my birthstone - the birthstone of June, probably why I love them so much.

I first formed the bangle, and then made a small circle to attach the pearl to the bangle. The bangle is 2mm thick.

I have made earrings to match, either small hoops:


or the larger hoops shown in the final photo. 

All my jewellery arrives wrapped in tissue, placed in a Jojo B box and tied with grosgrain ribbon. 



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