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Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring with Large Freshwater Pearl

Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring with Large Freshwater Pearl


I adore pearls and wanted to make a simple ring which had impact using a large freshwater pearl.

Firstly I cut out the silver disc by hand; I didn't want a perfect circle as I felt a freshwater pearl would be more suited to a quirkier shape. I hammered the disc (although initially I was going to leave it smooth and shiny) to give an interesting texture; I drilled two holes in the disc for the silver wire to go through, and then attached the disc to the ring I made earlier (Blue Peter?). I attached the pearl to the silver by threading silver wire through the pearl, through the holes in the disc and then wrapping it underneath and glueing the ends to ensure they are smooth against the skin.

The Sterling Silver disc is 1mm thick, the band is 2mm and the pearl is approximately 14mm x 11mm.

Pearls are connected to the energies of both the moon and water, the goddess, the feminine, the ebb and flow of life, they represent purity, honesty, loyalty and truth. They are also my birthstone - the birthstone of June, probably why I love them so much.

I wear every piece of jewellery I make for a couple of weeks to make sure that it is comfortable, practical and if I'm honest - to hear people's comments, before photographing and putting it onto Etsy for sale. I have rather bashed this piece (probably gardening wearing a cocktail ring was not a great idea), but every piece is made to order, so yours will be shiny and new.

Every piece is made to order, so if you would like a different finish for example, or something a little different, please do get in touch and I can make a bespoke piece for you. If the size you require does not appear in the drop down menu, just let me know and I will make any size to suit you.

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